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Pricing plans

Customize Skedify to a size and complexity of your company


Up to 50 end-users
Starts at € 299 /month
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All basic features +

  • 1 dedicated & managed environment
  • Email support


50 to 250 end-users
Starts at € 749 /month
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All basic features +

  • 2 dedicated & managed environments
  • Account manager
  • Standard reporting
  • Standard SLA


Starting from 250 end-users
Starts at € 1499 /month
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All basic features +

  • 2 dedicated & managed environments
  • Account manager
  • Custom reporting
  • Custom SLA
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Hands on onboarding

We understand how crucial the onboarding process is when implementing new software into your business processes - that's why we offer full step-by-step guidance direct from our team



We'll help you to find a right configuration regarding your customer journey and teams workflow, align technical needs and requirements to integration implementation.

  • Customer journey and workflow improvement
  • Scheduling process planning and configuration
  • Individual API configuration for your network 


We will help with Skedify implementation, aligning functional and technical requirements for successful integration, and creating styling of client-facing interface to fit your brand.

  • Guidelines for Skedify implementation
  • Technical assistance on the integration process
  • Creating styling of client-facing interface


We'll help you to prepare for the frictionless rollout of your branch network, including training of process managers, progress statistics and regular follow-up meetings.

  • Training of process managers / train-the-trainer
  • Statistics of rollout process progress and risks
  • Regular follow-up meetings to adjust the rollout flow


Our team will take care of your questions via our support portal, provide access to useful helpdesk articles, technical documentation and statistics to deliver success continuously.

  • Account manager and support portal
  • Helpdesk articles and clear documentation
  • Regular statistics of brunch network productivity

Our extensive network of local agencies is working more and more on appointment only. At the same time, we are investing heavily in our digital channels. Skedify succeeds in bringing those two trends together in harmony.

Stefaan Lauwers

CEO at Partena

Skedify is the missing link to go from a purely Digital approach towards a Human-to-Human digital experience. Converting online visitors into real-life appointments is key in the customer journey and Skedify solves this issue with and intuitive product.

Vincent Vanderbeck

Managing Partner at Comma Group

Skedify succeeds in redesigning a complex & time-consuming tangle of IT-systems in a simplistic way. A modular plug-and-play solution that simplifies the work for process and marketing managers, to personalize the relationship with customers.

David Vansteenbrugge

Sales & Marketing Manager at Wijs

Used by thousands of branches

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